Last Gate of the Emperor


Kwame Mbalia
Prince Joel Makonnen


May 4, 2021




Like most people living in Addis Prime, Yared Heywat spends many of his days trying to abide by the city’s rules and finding ways to keep his mind and imagination busy, something which tends to lead to him getting into trouble. But Yared’s thirst for adventure is also what makes him one of the city’s better players of The Hunt For Kaleb’s Obelisk, a secretive augmented-reality game popular among an underground community of gamers.

When Yared decides one day to use his actual name while logging into a session of The Hunt For Kaleb’s Obelisk, the game’s dangers become all too real for reasons that he can’t understand, and Addis Prime comes under a sudden attack that leads to the disappearance of Yared’s uncle Moti. But in Moti’s absence, Yared begins to realize that the myths and tales his uncle used to regale him with might be the key to figuring out how his actions in the game are beginning to have real world impact.